Apple will work on Apple Watch record profits

Apple will work on Apple Watch record profits

Apple will work on Apple Watch record profits

Raises the question of the rationality of the cost of purchasing any gadget from Apple – the case is absolutely stupid. Everyone feels the value of the purchased device on its own. Someone is paying for the best design in the world. Someone of the desire to have one device from prestigious brands in the world. And someone of the functional characteristics of the operating system. In any case, everyone has a reason to buy.

Many of you would like to know how much is really worth buying the device. If you throw away the brand value and Jobs’ magic mark of Apple. And for you procured this information about the cost of Apple Watch. I must say that the result may upset you!

Why does Apple Watch manufacturer for its customers?

US research agency Sdisassembled Apple Watch configuration Watch Sport 38 mm. On the components and calculated the cost of production of this gadget. The IHS found that Apple, in their base models of watches can earn more profits. Even at such an expensive product like the iPhone 6 Plus, if you start from the value of parts device.

Accessories Watch Sport 38 mm (including production costs) make up only 24% of the retail price. Apple is asking for the unit enters IHS. Prior to this, the cost of other Apple products is at least 29 to 38 percent off retail prices. That is, all other products have brought us less profit per unit of product than Apple Watch.

According to IHS value of all parts Watch Sport 38mm is $ 81.20. And even if we add the production costs, the cost will grow to only $ 83.70. Recall that the retail price of Apple Watch Sport in the most configuration budget is $ 349 in the US.

Unfortunately, laboratory IHS yet visited only one watch of the base set. But agency officials promised to investigate several models. And to lift the veil of secrecy over the cost of the premium timepieces. Something tells me that the production of watches for $ 17,000 is not much more than $ 3.500- $ 4.000. Although this mystery, we probably do not know. It is unlikely that the guys from IHS will be broken down into components Watch Edition. But if disassemble – we will write about it.

IHS is engaged in the valuation of Apple devices has been for many years. Under the watchful assessment of their experts got the different configuration of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4, many models of MacBook Air and iPody iPady. By their estimation, the share component in the retail price of iPhone 6 Plus is 29.4% and in 31% of iPhone 6. About the same – 30.1% rate iPhone 5S.

Below, for those who like their gadgets to pick open attaching a visual aid from the IHS of what constitutes a watch from Apple. Disassemble itself on fun, but do not forget that the components individually are 4 times cheaper than assembled.

Apple will work on Apple Watch record profits

Apple will work on Apple Watch record profits

Source: 9to5mac

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