ARM grows during Q2, 2013: profits up 30%

ARM is certainly the company that contributes to the excellent performance of our Android smartphones and tablets, and not only that, in fact, thanks to its architecture and the famous Cortex managed to get a huge success in the mobile market. ARM processors are the most used and in demand in the market and as such earnings are growing even during Q2 2013, reflecting the trend of the market itself.

During the second quarter of the year the British manufacturer ARM has recorded a turnover of more than 171.2 million pounds, approximately 198.8 million euro, an increase of 26% compared to the same period last year.

All this happened for ARM is certainly due to the growing success of the mobile market but also the arrival on the market of new smartwatch as wearable devices, or printers, Raspberry and many other devices.

In these sectors, the company has received an increase of 25% compared to last year, a sign that the market for these new technologies is expected to grow in this 2013.

Unfortunately, not all gold that glitters for ARM since during the quarter, the manufacturer had to pay in the homes of well-MIPS 41.8 million pounds due to a patent. Certainly during the next few months, the British manufacturer will be able to recover without further problems due to the success of the new architectures big.LITTLE.

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