Apple has become the largest seller of games from Electronic Arts

During the existence of App Store Apple has paid developers to nearly $ 11 billion. With the help of his shop Corporation has enriched not only the creators of the new applications, but also the largest game studios. As reported by VentureBeat, citing recent financial report on Electronic Arts, Apple is the largest retail partner.

In the App Store EA earns more than the sales of console games and versions for the PC. With the development of new business models, profit developer is growing almost exponentially. It is, of course, about freemium, which is very active EA uses in its products.

Sales of games on mobile devices allow Electronic Arts to earn more than $ 90 million. And if Apple is the largest seller of its applications, we can safely say that a large portion of this amount – its merit. By allowing developers to promote integrated shopping, technology giant has provided them an additional source of income for many years.

Among the most successful of their games on iOS EA releases The Simpsons: Tapped Out and sensational Real Racing 3. And the most profitable application for the studio was The Sims .

Apple has a good chance to take first place in the global gaming industry. Sooner think, but with the advent of new gadgets from Logitech corporation can turn the iPhone into a kind of console. Of course, the tremble current console “sharks” are unlikely to be, but with a certain probability of their profits may decline.

For us freemium-model does more harm than good. The vastness of the App Store are the games where the price tags on In-app purchase is incredibly high. If before you could pay five dollars for Real Racing 3 and play for fun, but now without a built-in shopping you is not enough. Some of the “pour” in such applications from a couple hundred to several thousand dollars. Not a year and a month.

It’s amazing how in a short time, Apple has turned on its head the entire game industry. A few years ago it was difficult to imagine that the mobile software developers will continue to bring more profit than the game for PC and consoles.

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