Panasonic will make the smart home hub for $ 160

Panasonic will make the smart home hub for $ 160

Panasonic has decided not to issue additional smart home hub of its own production but went the other way, by creating a system that allows you to turn any home into smart. This is done using a special system consisting of the hub, cameras, sensors and security of smart lighting systems.

Important features of the smart home hub

Starter Package is sold for about $ 160, it includes a smart home hub, a motion sensor, window sensor. For $ 260 the buyer gets it is already a hub, camera, two window sensor (responding to the vibration) and smart outlet.

Panasonic believes that the proprietary system of smart devices connect DECT ULE design distinguishes us from all other systems. So, DECT ULE can be installed in just a few minutes to give reliable communications between individual devices and between devices and users.

Special attention is the Japanese company paid the security system. According to the developers, to intervene in the wireless DECT ULE, connecting devices in the house together is almost impossible.

Source: wareable

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