Apple Watch will not sell in Switzerland

Apple Watch will not sell in Switzerland

Apple Watch will not sell in Switzerland

Here is a textbook example in history: Apple Watch may be illegal in Switzerland, the world center of production hours. According to the Swiss broadcaster RTS, brand Leonard Timepieces in 1985 registered a patent for the use of the word «apple» and logo with the image of “apple.” This means that the sale of Apple’s new device Swiss Confederation may be prohibited. Clarifies that the term of the patent expires on 5 December.

Apple wants to challenge it, trying to buy the rights to sell watches with the word “apple”. It’s hard to say how much cost solution to this problem for the “apple company”. It is noteworthy that the conflicts associated with the trademark does not stop manufacturers acclaimed products. Remember, Apple introduced the iPhone, despite the existence of the same name phone Cisco? At the time, the dilemma was resolved in a couple of days.

Well, until Apple resolves the problem that has arisen in connection with a registered trademark, Swiss citizens are unlikely to be glad to appear on store shelves is Apple Watch. It seems that they are happy to prefer scandalous hours of their “native” Swiss manufacturers, who have already announced the creation of smart watches.

Source: Engadget

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