Motorola Smelt may be new Motorola hours

Motorola Smelt may be new Motorola hours

Motorola Smelt may be new Motorola hours

Just last year, Motorola launched its Moto 360. Given that the average smart device manufacturers make us happy novelties once a year, there is a chance that we could see a successor Moto 360 in the near future. These thoughts are justified. Recall that Lenovo CEO Yang Yuantsin (Yang Yuanqing) accidentally (or not accidentally?) Placed in a social network photo, which depicts a portfolio full of different straps and buildings are very similar to Moto 360. Meanwhile, the picture was quickly removed. This can only mean that Motorola is working on new wearable devices.

Portal Phandroid recently published an article in which the author assures his readers that soon there will be a new watch of Motorola, supporting Android Wear, and was codenamed Smelt. Editorial portal received a message from the application developer, who noticed the console signal from the Android Wear-device, which is Mandela. This town is located in the United States close proximity headquartered Motorola, located in Chicago.

It is assumed that display news, Motorola will have a resolution of 360 × 360, which is somewhat higher screen resolution Moto 360, which is 320 × 290.

Source: Ubergizmo

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