Satechi car holders for the iPhone and iPad

Many of our readers prefer a car other vehicles for obvious reasons – often faster, easier and safer. Accordingly, many have a question iPhone and iPad location inside the cabin, as throwing the phone in the cup holder or recess in the door panel is not the best option. This is why on the windshields of cars attached special holders.

In our editorial staff received two holders manufactured by Satechi – for iPhone and iPad. Model DM-M5 is designed for the iPhone and is mounted on the windshield and the dashboard of the car using the suction cup. Grade is directly from the holder itself, nothing superfluous in the box no.

Holder himself Satechi DM-M5 consists of two main parts and articulation. The part that is attached to the glass, is a hemisphere with a special latch through which mounting bracket on the glass takes less than 10 seconds. Opened the latch – pressed to the glass holders on the place where you want it to, and closed the latch. You can then attach a smartphone and do not worry about what he will pop up on the next bump, which in our country is in excess.

In addition, the upper part, which keeps the device is expanded, which allows to fit most of today’s smartphones. Of course, if you prefer to carry iPhone in a case, it is thanks to this feature, there will be no problems in order to install the device in the holder. Such as smartphones like Motorola Droid Maxx, HTC One and several other quite feel comfortable being fixed in a holder Satechi. There is also the opportunity to adjust the position of the smartphone manufacturer bothered hinge that allows you to rotate holding smartphone part in a wide range of angles and use the device in both portrait and landscape orientation.

The most important thing that will certainly appeal to you before you buy – this is how the device securely fixed in the holder. In general, after a series of violent shaking, we came to the conclusion that not even the smoothest road phone does not fall out of the holder, and rubber inserts at the contact carrier and the smartphone will not allow him to get scratched.

The second holder of the same production company Satechi designed for attachment is not on the glass, and on the headrest of the front seat of a car. Accessory suitable not only for the iPad, but also for tablet computers from other manufacturers ranging from 7 to 10 inches. The holder as well as the previous sample has the ability to change size, so it can be set as full iPad, and its mini-version. In addition, if you prefer the device on Android, then most of them you can easily fix the holder.

Holder fixed quite easily. If your car is equipped with head restraints (and they certainly are there, if it is not VAZ-2106 1988 year), you can just embrace the headrest mount and tighten the screw with a hex wrench complete.

With regard to part holding device. It should be noted that it is also strongly rotated and adjusted to achieve the optimum position of the tablet about a man who is going to use it.

Such holder obviously like passengers seated in the back seat of the car, as they can without the hassle to watch a movie on the tablet, with no hands, no passenger knees are occupied tablet. You can easily watch a movie and at the same time actively absorb chips or other related products playing a movie.

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