Moto X: coming up with a system to improve connectivity Dual LTE 4G?

Taylor Wimberly, a character who repeatedly early information about the new Moto X, is back to talk from your Google Profile + with interesting new rumors about the smartphone.

According to leaked, the new device will mount a unique Dual LTE able to ensure the best possible reception 4G. The device will have two dedicated antennas divided LTE and, specifically, in Main 4G and 4G Diversity, in addition to other items for the remainder of the smartphone connectivity.
Unfortunately there were no details regarding the compatibility with European networks, or if it refers exclusively to American soil. We just have to wait for new information, but in the meantime here’s what was stated by Wimberly:

Moto X features Dual LTE MIMO Smart Antennas, Which Should deliver the best performance 4G LTE (faster data speeds and better reception). Most OEMs support 4G technologies on the same antenna as 2G/3G, but Moto will have 2 antennas dedicated to 4G LTE. There will be 5 antennas inside Moto X: main 4G, 4G diversity, main 2G/3G, GPS, and BT / WiFi. Please +1 or share for more bike goodies.

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