Apple iPad 2 production turns

Although Apple has decided not to stop the production of the iPhone 4 to capture the emerging markets, iPad second generation, introduced in 2011, could not escape this fate. According to MacRumors, the company is no longer going to produce this tablet, because the demand for it has fallen markedly because of the high popularity of the new iPad mini and iPad Air.

Last year the production of iPad 2 Apple has appeared to be unprofitable, so now the corporation will sell the remaining stock, and then, most likely, will remove the tablet from its online store.

Apple iPad 2 positioned as the cheapest 9.7-inch tablet from its lineup. It so happens that the new iPad “survived” his two successors (iPad 3 and iPad 4), which are rapidly disappearing from the shops of the company after the presentation of the new tablet. And as for iPad 2 specifications significantly inferior to them (he was not even equipped with a screen Retina), it allowed Apple to lower the price and make it into a kind of budgetary system.

Now, its existence is not necessary. The American online store Apple iPad 2 in the minimum configuration costs $ 399 – as much as a similar version of the iPad mini. The Russian Online Store is even worse: a younger version of the second generation iPad for three thousand rubles more mini. But unlike its predecessor, iPad mini is incredibly popular.

Apple has had two ways out of this situation: either reduce the price of iPad 2 to $ 300 and below, or to opt out of its production. In the first case, the company would expose themselves if not critical, but still material risk, because the demand for this tablet has fallen dramatically in the beginning of last year. Therefore, in Cupertino approved more comfortable the second option.

iPad 2 is widely used in educational programs , but last fall he was replaced by iPad Air. Last only $ 100 more expensive, but is lighter, thinner, faster and more productive. And if the difference in the 100 dollars is too palpable for buyers, they can always choose the iPad mini.

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