Lully - a new gadget that saves nightmares

Lully – a new gadget that saves nightmares

Lully - a new gadget that saves nightmares

Rather a curious device went on sale. The device is called Lully. What new can? The device saves children from bad dreams.

Great invention for new parents who want to relax. A child does not calm down every night.

Platform works very simply. It closely follows the phases and immediately wakes up when the child reaches the “zone of nightmares.” As a result – no horrible visions happens.

Issue price – 169 US dollars.

Lully consists of 2 parts: mobile applications for smartphones and external module. The latter is under the mattress. Both components communicate via Bluetooth LE. Special software monitors the quality of deep sleep. If a baby is approaching unpleasant dreams – the mobile unit starts to vibrate.

Lully - a new gadget that saves nightmares

The developers claim that their project effectively interrupts the “disturbing episodes.” Clinical studies have shown the efficiency of about 90%.

Like it or not – it’s hard to say for sure. Lully has not yet recognized the medical device in the United States. No corresponding approval of the local FDA.

Source: Gizmag

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