New android phones: all about Android 5.0 Lollipop

New android phones: all about Android 5.0 Lollipop

New android phones: all about Android 5.0 Lollipop

So, intrigue disclosed: the new android phones in next version of Android will be called Lollipop and have an index of 5.0. This is perhaps the largest and most significant upgrade in the history of the mobile operating system from Google on the new android phones, so it pays to find out what is waiting for us and our devices in the near future.

At this time, Google did not hire a big hall, gather journalists prepare broadcast, and finally make a presentation new android phones. To judge whether this is good or bad, a private matter. But you must admit, the presentation – the event, though lively, but a one-off. We instead got a whole heap of great short movies that can be happy to reconsider. Just because they are really cool. If they for some reason you went by, they certainly worth a look.

For example, a story about how to choose a name for the new android phones:

And so might look Cancelled presentation:

Well, when all cards are disclosed, you can tell how ended casting:

Of course, the new android phones gets a new statue in Mountain View And, as you know, in spite of the advances Giovanni Calabrese, licorice has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Android has become the new slogan: “Stay together. Not the same.” And that Google has also devoted two whole movie, completely different in mood – one fiery, youth, and the other – a calm, philosophical. After all, we are «not the same».

What has changed in the system on the new android phones? The list of changes is long enough, it includes both well-known to us new articles of interface design and function on the new android phones, not previously mentioned:

  • Material Design will not only make the interface prettier, but also facilitate user interaction with the device at the expense of bright colorful accents to help focus and recognizable controls on all gadgets new android phones.
  • Notifications will now be available on the lock screen. In addition, they will be flexible customizable – you can set the priority, and the time when you will have trouble only really important messages. Incoming calls will no longer interrupt your work with a particular application, that will be appreciated by fans of mobile games.
  • Autonomy will improve. The new power saving function will extend the life of the device on a single charge by an average of 90 additional minutes. When charging will display the estimated time required for a full charge, and the settings can be found the predicted time of the device on the remaining battery charge.
  • Security of Android-devices will also grow. By default, encryption is included to help keep the user data in case of loss or theft of the device, and access control system SELinux, is watching all applications means greater protection from vulnerabilities and malicious programs. The function of the Android Smart Lock should make life easier for the user, allowing you to unlock the smartphone or tablet when it is next to the trusted device like a wearable gadget or car.
  • Multiplayer mode will be even better. Thanks to the guest mode to share the device with a friend and not worry about the personal data and fixed screen mode allows you to show a friend that photo (or any other “screen”) that you want, and not worry that it will start to scroll the gallery to the right or left . But what is especially cool if you have forgotten your phone – you can still use your contacts list, read your messages, or view the photo – just log into your account on any new android phones or tablet running Lollipop.
  • New fast settings, including a flashlight, brightness, screen rotation, communication modules, etc., etc., are available in two swipe down from the top of the screen.
  • Communication did not stay without improvements. For example, new android phones: to switch from Wi-Fi mobile internet (and vice versa) should be faster. A selection logic Wi-Fi-network is changed in such a way that the device is connected only by a confirmed Internet connection. Furthermore, Bluetooth has become more energy efficient.
  • Performance will receive a 4-fold improvement at the expense of the final implementation of the runtime ART, as well as the “compression” of background applications and services.
  • Media. New android phones: supports USB Audio means that now you can use the USB-microphones, speakers, amplifiers, mixers, together with his Android-powered device. Sensor Settings, lenses and flash, support for RAW-format will appeal to lovers of photography. And OpenGL ES 3.1 and enhancement package Android withdrawn green robot on the forefront of mobile graphics.
  • and much more

Besides all this, before the release of new android phones Lollipop rumored that in this version of Android, finally, there will be a built-in data redundancy. And this is partly confirmed.

The new android phones should now be ready to use in no time – just connect it with the old through the NFC, and it will get accustomed to your settings and applications. However, in the presentation video is the fine print – “for the participating applications and services.”

In addition, it is reported that the new android phones – Android 5.0 Lollipop appears and the long-awaited “anti-reset to factory settings” that should make Android-based device is much less attractive target for theft. It is assumed that the function will prevent resetting through Recovery.

Many are also worried about the fate Hangouts. Recently, it was reported that Google is working on a new messenger, and renderers new devices icon Hangouts periodically alternated application icon «Messenger». Google commented on the situation as follows about new android phones:

«Messenger and Hangouts allows you to choose, each of them has its advantages. Hangouts – a great solution for cross-platform communication. Messenger is specially designed for quick and easy exchange of SMS and MMS to Android»

When will we see it all in? October 17 should appear next «developer preview» – version and SDK for developers. The final version of the same, obviously, will be available after the start of sales of the new android phones on the Nexus-devices in November. It is noteworthy that the update will get elderly and such devices as the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 (2012).

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