Android M built-in file manager appeared

Android M appeared built-in file manager

Android – a great mobile platform. Only it is not devoid of oddities. Take, for example, external drives. You can connect any gadget – support for USB On-The-Go available. However, how to read the contents of the stick? The own file browser in the operating system is not present. Let’s look at the new feature a closer look.

The only way – to download the desired application from Google Play or use the pre-installed software from the device manufacturer (if the developer has attended this issue). In a word – confusion. Let’s look at the main features of the phone.

Features of Android M

Soon, however, the situation will change for the better. Presented a few days ago Android M assembly solves the problem at its root. The relevant manager is already built into the OS.

Android M built-in file manager appeared

What pleases – authors of the project took the case seriously. All the basic options on the spot: choice of multiple files, delete, copy, space count, search, and even the formatting.

It is possible to transfer content directly to Google Drive (not only in the internal memory).

Android M built-in file manager appeared

How to display pictures and documents? In a grid or a list of thumbnail – on the user’s choice.

Conclusion of Android M

There is no doubt – a useful innovation. More functional analogs, it will not hurt, and make life easier. It remains to wait for the release of Android M, to verify this personally.

Source: Liliputing

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