Lenovo Ultrabook: ThinkPad T440s leaked

Lenovo ThinkPad T440s: Ultrabook for business users. For a short time coming Ultrabook Lenovo ThinkPad T440s was visible along with all data.


The business ultrabook will be equipped with Intel’s fourth core processor family (codenamed Haswell). According to briefly on the Lenovo site data released the ultrabook has a touch sensitive 14 inch display with IPS technology and Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1080 pixels). But with the smaller display resolution of 1600 by 900 pixels would also be possible.

Also an attachable auxiliary battery that can be replaced without shutting down the Ultrabook, stand for election. , the T440s is 1.63 kg easily and be 21 millimeters thick. ThinkPads for the typical, very robust housing is made ​​of carbon fiber and magnesium.

While stuck which processors it is not known exactly, but that it is to Intel’s fourth-generation Core processors (codenamed Haswell) will act considered certain. As an interface, the ThinkPad T440s NFC, WiFi, three USB 3.0 ports, VGA and HDMI to offer.

A price or a sale date, there is not yet, long may it not be long but until the Lenovo ThinkPad T440s comes to dealers.

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