Google has introduced a mobile application advertising Maps

Google has started to introduce advertising in the issuance of the search results a mobile application Maps. Advertising displays in applications for platforms iOS and Android.

Now, when a user in the mobile Maps application will search for general business needs (for example, a shop with goods for gardening or pizzeria), at the bottom of the screen will appear paid advertisements. Advertisement contains the name, a short text description and a link to a route to the advertised Met. The user can view more details of the ad, pulling it upward. In this case, open the address details, a link to the site, photographs, while the institution reviews about it from other users. Also from this window, you can call the advertised institution, add it to your favorites, send the information to your friends.

It should be noted that not all of these actions are considered as a transition through advertisements. For example, when saving data, sending it to friends and a route to the institution money from your advertisers will not be charged.

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