5 interesting accessories, connected to the audio output on iPhone


Apple is positioning the 3.5mm “jack” in the iPhone as a headphone jack , and the majority of smartphone owners prefer to use it for other purposes (in extreme cases, synchronize Jawbone UP). However, apart from the famous fitness bracelet, there are several external accessories for the iPhone, it is connected to it via the headphone jack. Most of them, however, is quite unusual.

Thermometer for the grill

Love to eat everything, especially if it’s a juicy steak cooked on the grill. To get a tasty meat, it is necessary to observe the basic rules of cooking (for example, do not overcook). This will help you and BBQ Thermometer , which in combination with the same app for iPhone will determine the frying temperature and compare it to the most appropriate conditions for such type of meat.


On the way out, you should have something like this:


Laser Pointer

I think many in the last used it in high school, but laser pointer is still an indispensable tool for conducting various presentations. X-Pointer is able to act not only as a red laser beam, but even switch the slides of the presentation on your computer. If you are, of course, pre-set the corresponding application on the Mac or PC.



I hope you never have to measure the levels of radiation in his house, but in the extreme travel to places of high risk Geiger counter is clearly not a luxury. How to carry a special device, you may well make use of accessory iXR 2012 Personal Radiation Meter , which will turn the iPhone into a device for measuring radiation levels. The application is not yet available in the App Store.


“Smart” thermometer

Kinsa special thermometer connects to your iPhone via the headphone jack and not only measures the temperature of the body, but also reveals the cause of ailments through the questions that you must answer in the application. Become a beta tester of the device here.


Cat and a latte from the “Starbucks”

These tiny gadgets essentially have no function other than decoration 3.5 mm jack of your iPhone. Look interesting, but are unlikely to find acceptance in a wide range of smartphone from Apple. You can order them on the links below.

Cat , Coffee


Do not be surprised if in the near future these accessories will become even more – all from the same direction is very interesting.

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