Wibtek Q7: Modular mini-PCs

Wibtek Q7: Modular mini-PCs

Another interesting device with the exhibition Computex 2015. The company Wibtek showed at the event unusual mini PC.

The compact system called the Wibtek Q7. In view of the novelty, it reminds all such decisions. However, the potential is the much higher gadget.

The fact that the device is modular. It is easy to add the desired base portion that increase functionality.

Features of Wibtek Q7

The basis is a typical assembly of miniature chip Intel (Broadwell-U or Braswell choice). Once on board has 8 GB of RAM, Ethernet, 6 ports USB 2.0, as well as connectors COM, HDMI and VGA.

Other commercially as appropriate in the form of standard units. The authors have collected 2 sets – to demonstrate the concept.

The first module combines the battery for 4 hours of battery life and an optical drive. The second allows you to connect the projector with a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels. Its brightness is 350 lumens.

Verdict Wibtek Q7

The above is only for reference. To release of the range will be expanded – the creators of Wibtek Q7 and independent producers.

Source: geeky-gadgets

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