5 most anticipated new products in 2014

5 most anticipated new products in 2014

5 most anticipated new products in 2014

The first half of this year has been quite eventful. New products Samsung demonstrated the fifth iteration “Galaxy”, HTC showed newcomer One M8, and Sony and all decided to surprise announcement accelerated Xperia Z2. In addition, not to mention the system Android Wear, which promises to revolutionize the field of wearable electronics. Fortunately, in this parade of new devices is not over: for the remaining six months, we will see a lot of interesting things. Which of the devices has not yet announced the greatest interest? Let’s find out.

New products: Motorola Moto X +1

The current flagship of the American company Motorola is quite popular, and there are several reasons. First of all, it’s compact body, the rear of which are wonderful removable cover. In addition, it is worth recalling the interaction with Google Now even on the lock screen, which is still jealous owners flagships from other manufacturers.

5 most anticipated new products in 2014

Heir to the straightforward name X +1 simply must outperform the previous generation. As reported by our colleagues from phonearena, this will help him a more powerful processor, 5-inch display and a choice of leather back cover.

New products: Nexus 6

Many fans were hoping to see green robot new “google phone” for another presentation I / O , however, as they say, failed.

5 most anticipated new products in 2014

It is noteworthy that Google conceals information about the new smartphone. This is supported by the almost complete absence of leaks. The only accurate prediction is the statement version of the operating system. This, of course, talking about Android L.

New products: Sony Xperia Z3

5 most anticipated new products in 2014

What prevents Sony to release a new flagship six months after the previous release? Nothing like the experience already available. However, in this case devaysu unlikely to become a revolutionary. According to information received, Xperia Z3 receive Snapdragon 805, 20-megapixel camera and a 2K display, in which necessity can be questioned . Quite predictably, is not it?

New products: Samsung Galaxy F

Presentation of an improved version of Galaxy S5 will be crucial. In this case, the current flagship turn into a pumpkin, and all of its owners – to ordinary users.

5 most anticipated new products in 2014

Whatever it was, Galaxy F designate the presence of the aluminum case, 16-megapixel camera, improved processor and updated display.

New products: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Unlike the previous representative this list appears in Note 4 no doubt. Moreover, known even an approximate date of his announcement – the beginning of September.

5 most anticipated new products in 2014

The obvious one is the most urgent and availability characteristics. The only question is related to the introduction of a flexible display, which hinted vice president. However, to ensure the veracity of the information provided will be possible very soon.

And which of these devices you waiting the most? Tell us about it below.

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