Android 4.3 easily manage permissions of individual apps

With Android 4.3, Google has launched a new version of Android, which is actually mainly brings with it changes in the background. However, what Google has built here is an advanced authorization manager that actually because it is to be on tablets for multiple users who can say which app to what extent use. Through a small detour the whole thing is also accessible via smartphones. To do that, simply create a shortcut to the appropriate menu item, which is actually officially still hidden. The whole thing is called “App ops” and here you can deliver things like the contacts access or access to the location data rules. What so far is a bit annoying: the individual points of the respective app only appear if one also uses the function. In the Facebook app so you can prohibit access to the camera only when one has ever taken a picture. Before the point is not really visible.

To make access easier , there are now in the Google Play also a corresponding shortcut that can be installed on all Android 4.3 devices. Previously there was such a function directly only if you had supplied the device with root access, so it is now the better that Google incorporates this possibility directly in Android. Meanwhile I’m waiting for my Nexus 4 and also with my Nexus 7 still on the Android 4.3 update. Is it when you arrived?

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