This year will be sold around 20 million watches of Apple

This year will be sold around 20 million watches of Apple

This year will be sold around 20 million watches of Apple

According to research firm CCS Insight, watch Apple will play a major role in the field of wearable devices this year and beyond. In the published forecast of the market development of portable devices indicates that by the end of 2015 new Apple takes a quarter of the market of portable devices, and will be sold 20 million Apple Watch.

CCS Insight prediction about this watch – perhaps the highest figures among other research assumptions. So, an analyst at Piper Dzhefrey in December, said that sales of portable devaysa Apple in 2015 will amount to 8,000,000 units. In the forecast of Wall Street was listed “from 12 to 15 million.” It is reported that Apple plans to release 5 to 6 million hours in the first quarter.

20 million watches and not a lot of it?

Previously specified that about 10% of iPhone owners want to buy more and watch the same brand. Now this figure has fallen and is only 7%.

Ben Wood, director of research at CCS Insight, said: “If the success of Apple Watch will meet the expectations, this watch will raise all wearable technique to a new level. If successful, this gadget will create a wave that will excite the whole market. “

In general, CCS assumes that wearable art sales around the globe will increase from 29 million units in 2014 to 172 million by 2018. And by that time 44% of all sales of portable devices will have it on a smart watch.

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