That the owners do not like Galaxy Note 4?

That the owners do not like Galaxy Note 4?

That the owners do not like Galaxy Note 4?

The vast majority of today’s champions is very expensive, and therefore make a final decision before purchasing costs very carefully. In this case, it is not just about learning characteristics, length of time on a single charge and other similar components, but also the so-called pitfalls. Recent imply flaws that become visible only after several days of use. Can I know about before purchasing it? Certainly. To do this, find reviews of the owners of a device than we now are going to do.

Do not brake Galaxy Note 4

That the owners do not like Galaxy Note 4?

Galaxy Note 4 – a truly unique device. In addition to the unusually large size, it is characterized by another feature. The fact is that despite the 805 Snapdragon processor clocked at 2.7 GHz and as much as 3 GB of RAM, Phablet manages to slow down even when performing a routine problem.

Moreover, the small lags sometimes visible even if you switch to the main screen, the journey across the expanses of the menu and when printing text. Some owners also complain about the crash at startup.

Do not go away, wait Galaxy Note 4

That the owners do not like Galaxy Note 4?

Battery capacity which is under the back covers Galaxy Note 4? 3220mAh correctly. It would seem that this should be enough for a day of active use of your smartphone, and even screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels is not a problem, right?

The way it is. Whatever it was, some users have reported an incredibly rapid decrease in charge Phablet. By the way, the most likely solution to this problem is to analyze the operation of applications installed after purchase. Most likely, the fault lies with one of them.

We lose them

As mentioned above, the display resolution is equal to 2560 Note 4 x 1440 pixels. Through simple manipulations on the calculator fails to calculate their total number exceeds 3.5 million units. A lot, right?

According to our colleagues from raqwe, some owners Phablet notice the so-called dead pixels on your screen. This, of course, is very rare, but this problem is the place to be.

Do not you give me one?

That the owners do not like Galaxy Note 4?

Impressive dimensions Note 4 downright force the user to purchase a Bluetooth-headset. Well, once again not to extract from Phablet pocket of tight jeans. However, some instances completely refuse to mate with a variety of wireless accessories. Alternatively, it is better not operate with limited functionality.

Google is not ok

What do you say to your smartphone so that he woke up? That’s right, “Okay, Google.” It turns out that the function is activated voice aid directly from the main screen of your device stops working after a while.

That the owners do not like Galaxy Note 4?

Probably the thing is S Voice, or in the absence of a checkmark in the corresponding item in the setup menu voice search. In an extreme case will reset to factory settings.

Do Galaxy Note 4 you? Or larger sizes do not allow even think about buying it? Tell us about it below.

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