Basis – looking footage for the team iWatch

Almost every week there is information about health workers, hired a company from Cupertino . Apple is actively developing the so-called team iWatch, but in creating a wearable accessory-based tracking of the health of the owner, will be useful not only to medical professionals. There is a rumor that the company can draw strength existing manufacturer smart hours.

According to TechCrunch company Basis, intelligent accessory manufacturer Basis Health Tracker, currently experiencing financial difficulties. They will be difficult to stay afloat, for this reason, the company wishes to be acquired. Creators fitness hours have not yet decided the price they want to ask, but decided on the list of companies which, in their opinion, may appeal this sentence. Certainly not the last place in this list is the company Apple, actively expanding their development team has not yet announced a wearable device.

You would think that if the creators of the future iWatch needed company-producer wearable electronics, long sentence would be made ​​towards Fitbit , Pebble or someone else. But the only product Basis glory has the most accurate and reliable fitness assistant. If a company can make Apple really interesting proposal, there is a chance that the latter will not stand. We will follow the development of this story and keep you posted.

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