“Wikipedia” allowed to edit from mobile devices

Members “Wikipedia” an opportunity to make changes to the encyclopedia articles from mobile devices. It is stated in the blog, “the Wikimedia Foundation.”

While edit articles in the mobile mode can only registered users. To edit an entry, you need to login and click on the pencil to the right article.

The function of mobile edits first appeared on the “experimental” site “Wikipedia”, where she tested the first users. Now the test is complete, and can make corrections to all.

The blog “Wikimedia” notes that the management of the project will continue to develop the mobile interface revisions. It is possible that in the future it will be possible to make changes through a more convenient visual editor.

Previously, at the end of March 2013, mobile users “Wikipedia” was allowed to download pictures to the site. As in the case of the revisions, action is only available to authorized users.

From mobile devices to “Wikipedia” has more than fifteen percent of the site’s audience. I have a project encyclopedia Wikipedia Zero, in which people in developing countries access to the site from mobile phones free of charge.

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