The new version of OneNote for Windows 8.1 introduced a feature image search by keyword

Since Microsoft has significantly updated the app to create notes OneNote for Windows-based devices, it took about four months. Apparently, that is how much time it took the software giant to create the next major update, which brings several key features, including the ability to search for images by keyword.

This function is called Camera Scan. She is able to automatically crop and flip photos, removing the shadows and increasing sharpness in those places where it is needed. To search for keywords it uses OCR system that allows a few seconds to find the right note.

In addition, the opportunity to save your notes, using the Share Charm. The update also brings full-screen mode and function Recent Notes, which organizes all the notes by date modified, regardless of the version of the application OneNote (Windows, iOS or Android), which is used to view a particular note. We should also mention the preview mode, which allows you to quickly navigate in search of the necessary notes.

Updating the OneNote for devices running Windows 8.1 is now available in the app store Windows Store.

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