Leoht Tote - «smart» Women's Bag

Leoht Tote – «smart» Women’s Bag

Leoht Tote - «smart» Women's Bag

The beautiful half of humanity, as we know, is able to hide in her purse the whole world. Well, almost. Obviously, there are gadgets out there, too – in addition to purely women’s accessories.

Developers from Leoht take into account this fact. Their novelty Tote not only spacious and beautiful. This is a very high-tech model, one might even say “smart”.

The main feature of the solution – built-in power supply to the 6000 mAh. The above makes it possible at any time to “revive” a smartphone or tablet.

Leoht Tote - «smart» Women's Bag

Battery 900-gram bags easily cope with any phone or a small “tablets”. A nice bonus – Supports simultaneous connection of multiple devices. 2 USB ports available.

As far as the battery is still full of easy to understand the external indicator. Even included is a wireless charging plate.

Just Leoht Tote has a hidden compartment for valuables and internal illumination. No longer need to look for things in the dark, to the touch. Extremely useful feature.

Leoht Tote - «smart» Women's Bag

As for the design, it is up to par. Basic material – leather. The choice available 2 shades (black and “Brandy”). Pre-orders are processed on site Kickstarter.

Deliveries will begin in October. Issue price – from $ 149.

Source: Gizmag

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