UPS also think the drones to speed shipments

It seems that this is the week of the drones. After the eccentric program of Amazon Prime Air provides that within five years, shipments of products in half an hour, using just quadrocpter or other similar vlivoli, here come another confirmation that a business operator is interessanto in this high-tech way. A similar project proposed by a giant like Amazon has some value, but if you take into account the direct air shipments via UPS drones then there is really no wonder that maybe something is moving in this direction seriously.

A source close to the shipping company, which has an annual turnover of over 53 billion dollars (5.8 billion profit), confirmed to theverge that the company would already considering the use of drones and they’re also testing. UPS has been approached for comment and a spokesman did not at all refuted:

The use of drones for commercial purposes is an exciting development and will continue to take it into account. UPS invests in new technologies more than any other company in the sector of transportation transport, and plan more for the future.

Curious that both UPS and Amazon both come from Seattle, a common idea perhaps too optimistic according to the law professor Ryan Calo, specializing in its own drones and robotics. If drones and other unmanned robots are taken seriously by the industry majors, then we must address the issue, because now it is not even conceivable a similar air traffic with the existing law. This is the position of the proffessore concluded that:

I would be shocked to find out that a company like UPS not have considered it.

It is also important to determine which is the technology available today, how much precision in these devices can be autonomous flight, because it is not only to fly from point A to point B, you also have to land and depart safely. The CEO of the North American division of DJI, a company specializing in the construction of drones, said his topic, clarifying some doubts:

A company like Amazon or UPS might have a certain fleet operational in 18-24 months. What we need, in terms of technological development, concerns the recognition of objects and their scam, because the sun GPS coordinates are not enough if you are a car or a baby on its way.

To understand also what could be the actual end use of these drones, watching with Amazon Prime Air is somewhat idyllic seen that not everyone has a garden and delivery could take more than a meter in the wrong, perhaps in someone else’s property. UPS may, however, use small aircraft to move the market from a storage center to another, or from airports to hubs and thus shorten the time consengna, a scenario more plausible than the drone that knocks with his hand to the mechanical door and leave the package on the doorstep.

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