Amazon ridicules Joni Quince

More recently underwent a massive attack iPad by Microsoft, which launched just three commercials, ridiculing plates from the company Apple. Now Amazon has once again decided to build his campaign the same way.

As a promoted product stands tablet Kindle Fire HDX, which is opposed to the “magical new iPad Air». With a choice of script writers infomercial not bother too much steel. Featuring two turns tablet they talk about is that the new Kindle to 20 percent lighter, making sure to emphasize the word «Air» in the name of a competitor. In addition, emphasis was placed on the best color reproduction and the difference in the density of pixels, in which the tablet from Amazon as much as 1 million more. And of course the price: Kindle Fire HDX $ 120 cheaper than its opponent.

Simple plot compensated more subtle technique. It is said that on Kindle man with the American accent and an iPad Air – a man with a clean British accent. Given the somewhat arrogant attitude of U.S. citizens to the original version of the language, we can say with certainty that this attack on the UK side of the native Jonathan Quince.

Whatever it was, the appearance of these commercials suggests that iPad tablet are certain standard to which all are equal and that everyone wants to beat at any price.

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