The protective glass Gorilla Glass NBT – Corning enters the notebook market

The company Corning, which is known to most as a manufacturer of protective glass Gorilla Glass for tablets and smartphones, has decided to enter a new market and officially unveiled the glass for laptops with touch screen Gorilla Glass NBT. Senior vice president of Corning James Steiner (James Steiner) reported that the glass Gorilla Glass NBT is 8-10 times more resistant to scratches than those used in most laptops soda-lime glass. He also said that the cost of Gorilla Glass NBT is only 1-2 per cent of the retail price of a laptop.

A pioneer in the emerging market of laptops that are protected by glass Gorilla Glass NBT, will be the American company Dell. She first showed a desire to use Gorilla Glass NBT in new models of laptops, which will be available this autumn.

Recall that not long ago introduced the Corning glass for cars and for the foreseeable future is going to release the glass with anti-bacterial coating.

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