Tokyoflash has released an unusual watch with OLED-display and motion sensor

The Japanese company Tokyoflash is known as a manufacturer of extraordinary watches. For example, she created a model without hands and dial Kisai Seven , and even some original watches Kisai to «3D» dial . New product, released under the name Kisai Neutron, known for its unique design and display method of displaying the information on it that can be assessed visually in the video below:

There are several modes of display time and date, including scrolling. Activate the process can be a stroke of the brush (for it is in the appropriate sensor) and click on the hardware button. In addition, there is a mode when the display is in principle not go out and constantly displays information about the current time.

Kisai Neutron housing is made of plastic, stainless steel and is available in gold, black and option Gunmetal (gun metal). LEDs can light up in blue, white and red. Price new – $ 140 (at least for the next two days).

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