The new Android-Trojan steals money from the bank account of the Savings Bank

Today it is no surprise in this way steal money from users of smartphones on Android, like sending SMS to premium numbers. Many people know about these threats and are used to keep track of your mobile account. But now been found new scheme of Android-malware, which allows hackers to quickly and quietly steal from unsuspecting victims of a significant amount of money.

The peculiarity of the current scheme of SMS-Trojan that sends messages to premium numbers, is that the monetization of the stolen money, much of the money goes “intermediaries” are often nothing to suspect that your service provider, content provider and the organizers of the affiliate program. Therefore, most malware tries to send the right message to 2-3 expensive weighty amount, for example, 1000 rubles, which attracts the attention of the victim. In such a situation, the emergence of new ways of obtaining money from the population was only a matter of time.

Experts “Kaspersky Lab” discovered a new Trojan for Android, which is tasked with executing instructions received from the remote command server. In this case, SMS-malware provides its owners the opportunity to steal your money with no mobile, and c is the bank account of the victim.

This Trojan is dependent and by communicating with the control server, the attacker only transmits commands, sending the result back. Experts managed to catch a few teams arrived. In the course of one of these Trojan sent SMS with the word «BALANCE» to the number of service “Mobile Bank” Sberbank of Russia. After receiving a response from the bank with information about the connected account and the balance sheet, the malware transferred it to criminals.

This behavior Trojan suggests that the next step will be to transfer any available in the “Mobile Bank” amounts to a mobile number intruders. Next, the stolen money can be cashed. For example, translated into QIWI-purse, from which they can then bring to the bank card. And to sacrifice as long as possible in the dark, the Trojan carefully covering his tracks its activities by intercepting SMS and calls from the bank.

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