Opinion: Apple has betrayed the ideals of Steve Jobs


Well-known Russian blogger Anton Spout shared his thoughts on what it means for the Apple smartphone release of the budget. According to him, on the one hand it is a betrayal of the ideals of the founder of the corporation of Steve Jobs , Who “loved to have been a long, expensive and ** but,” on the other – the ability to enter the emerging markets and new niche.

“Sluhmeykery promise that in September, Apple will introduce not one model of iPhone, but two. One, called 5S, should not be materially different from any of the current “five” – ​​the flagship model, the sale of which to date can konservativnenko estimate of 100 million pieces. But the second model, which, according to the Chinese yabloforuma, obzovut iPhone 5C, really pulls on the sensation. Provided, of course, that the Chinese rumor is confirmed.

It is precisely on this model, the thought of which the deceased Jobs izvertelsya in his grave, if I had not been cremated under the will. On an iPhone for the poor, with the ambition to flood all the markets that the founding father of the company at the time without a fight leaked to competitors on the platform Android. Because that Jobs could not and did not want to make a cheap s ** t about any budget. He loved to be long, expensive and yet **. A two-and-a-half billion Asians all this beauty can not afford. They are willing to dream of a lifetime yabloproduktsii, but give more $ 10 for the phone and $ 50 per tablet religion does not allow them. Although nearly half of them – exactly the same Buddhists as the late Jobs. But apparently, the Buddha for buyers and sellers have different commandments “- writes the blogger.

According to the nose, attempt to break into emerging markets is not the first case of the failure of the current leadership of the covenants of Apple’s founding father.

“As we know, Jobs was quite firm in the assessment of the” golden section “screen diagonal. The fundamental decision that screen iPhone, from the first to the fifth version, will have a size 3.5, “Jobs took not from the ceiling, and brought out his ideas about human anatomy. Diagonal of three and a half inches means that the thumb adult member can reach any point on the screen. If you make more than the size of the anatomical constants, then violated feng shui. Jobs that could not happen. And the success of the Samsung announces a new form factors tubes once a week, he was not worried. With tablets situation situation was exactly the same: once commanding market size of 9.7 “, corresponding to the size of conditional book, Jobs with quiet contempt looked at Samsung’s attempts to offer the market the first compact 7” diagonal, and then friendly to HD-10 video, 1 “.

Future successor, Tim Cook, as we can guess, stuck to the opposite opinion, but life boss to argue with him hesitate. And it is worth Jobs rest in Alta Mesa Memorial Park, as his corporation immediately rushed to make up the backlog from Samsung and other unscrupulous manufacturers of android iron. First iPad uzhalsya as most 7 inches, which at the time he made his debut in the tablet market Samsung, then the iPhone 5 has received a half-inch long diagonal dzhobsova finger. “

However, the holders of shares of Apple confident about the future. As the spout itself, Alisher Usmanov Usmanov, the richest businessman in Russia, where the company’s shares reached a level of $ 390, bought it for $ 100 million and for the past few months since then managed to earn $ 57 for each security. Thus, faith in Apple earned him about $ 15 million and it is in no hurry to convert earned money, and is looking forward to autumn announcements Cook.

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