SugarSync completely converted to a paid access model

Storage service and synchronization SugarSync, who once challenged popular today Dropbox, officially announced the transition to a fully paid access model.

Recall, until recently one of the major advantages to the SugarSync Dropbox was proposed volume of free space available in the cloud storage – 5 GB to 2 GB. However, since February 8, 2014 to use SugarSync on a regular basis can only be subject to a monthly fee in accordance with the selected tariff plan. In other words, new users will still be able to use the service SugarSync for free during the trial period (30 or 90 days, depending on your plan and available space), but after a specified time, or they will have to part with the service, or accept the tariff plan.

According to SugarSync, the transition to a fully paid access model allows the company to focus on working on updates and improvements that will help make the service more competitive, and it does not think about financial problems.

SugarSync Company intends to update clients for all popular mobile platforms, designed to work with the same service, and to provide new tools for the job in the next year.

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