NVIDIA demonstrated the efficiency of Unreal Engine 4 on the mobile GPU Kepler Mobile


The company NVIDIA has managed to talk about their new mobile graphics solution Kepler Mobile , which has 192 stream processors and delivers high performance. This performance is so high that allows you to run a project created by the Unreal Engine 4.


It should be noted, is now actively used by game developers Unreal Engine 3. However, the Unreal Engine 4 will be the basis for many future projects. Through the implementation of support OpenGL 4.3 and DirectX 11 in Kepler Mobile game developers will be able to produce cross-platform projects with the same high quality graphics are equally accessible to computers, game consoles and a new generation of mobile devices.

For journalists attending the conference Siggraph, NVIDIA representatives held a demonstration play the game content on the Unreal Engine 4. And, for his handling of used graphics solution Kepler Mobile, consumes only 2 watts of power. It is noted that earlier for similar demonstrations required the use of the discrete desktop graphics card that has multiple high level of energy consumption.

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