Street Fighter 5 may go the way of free-to-play

In 2011 left the Japanese company Capcom, Christian Svensson (Christian Svensson) noted that the 5-part series of fighting games Street Fighter will be released before 2020, but in the near term it is not necessary to wait for the announcement. This news is not too encouraged by fans, but the series creator Yoshinori It (Yoshinori Ono) believe that the main line should not stop at the 4 parts.

“Project development platforms for the next cycle requires a large amount of human resources and significant financial costs – It is said in a conversation with a Japanese resource 4Gamer. – Do not forget that these costs apply to the gamers themselves – they have to buy not only the game itself, but actually a new console and a stick. “

Acceptable way out of this situation, the producer and mastermind series considers the use of the model free-to-play, to which developers have already requested 5 Dead or Alive Ultimate, Killer Instinct and Tekken Revolution. In this, however, lies another difficulty – releasing games on this system, developers can not be sure that the return on their production costs.

“On the one hand, fighting games like hardtuned discipline constantly need more fans, and a shareware model, which allows to start playing without any cost, it is promoted, – said Ono. – However, in this situation, there may be difficulties with reimbursement of the cost of development, and I would prefer to first see how things go in Katsuhiro Harada (Katsuhiro Harada, producer of the Tekken) and Yosuke Hayashi (Yosuke Hayashi, producer of Dead or Alive), and only after then decide whether we should go their way. “

Early next year, Capcom will release the Ultra Street Fighter 4, which includes five new characters, 6 game locations and generating game balance adjustments. The publication will appear in versions for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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