SparkBlocks - modular speaker system

SparkBlocks – modular speaker system

About modular phones are already heard. And what about the speakers? There are those in the world.

The project developers have come up with amusing SparkBlocks platform. At its core – a compact modular speaker system with a built-in battery for 4 hours of battery life.

The main feature of modular speaker system

Few simple functional column for 89 dollars? Just connect additional units (for some money of course). You may want to turn the modular speaker system into a powerful media center.

SparkBlocks - modular speaker system

To improve the sound quality is a module TweeterBlook. It turns out a good 5.1-channel solution. In addition, you can easily add to the configuration of the LED lamp and the battery for 12 hours without recharging. A real godsend for fans of outdoor activities.

Even more interesting looks SmartBlook. This component supports synchronization with mobile gadgets. Binding is carried out with the help of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Suitable Soup based on Android, as well as iOS.

This allows us to receive notifications from your phone and even answer incoming calls.

Now the authors raise funds for mass production prototype. The pre-orders of modular speaker system are accepted on the site Kickstarter.

Source: engadget

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