Sony unveils BRAVIA Smart Stitsk

Sony unveils BRAVIA Smart Stick: smart set-top box to the TV.

After the release of Chromecast many manufacturers have decided to try to take this niche ? and Sony has made it one of the first . TV dongle BRAVIA Smart Stick must compete with its inexpensive sibling from Google.

The budget this prefix will not name. The official price announced by Sony at the presentation is $ 150 , while Chromecast, we recall , is a little more than $ 30. At the same time that counts Sony, releasing the product to market?

The fact is that at the request of the company, feature BRAVIA Smart Stick is the ability to integrate services from Google and Sony , and use them simultaneously. Thus, buying Smart Stick, the owner can rely on simultaneous access to Google TV app store and BRAVIA. In addition, the user is waiting for a convenient and user-friendly interface : a Sony said the console UI does not replace and is integrated into the TV and people will be able to enjoy all the features of the dongle and watch movies at the same time . Thus , no need to interrupt watching a movie or TV show to exit to the USB or HDMI, while the main picture will always remain in the background.

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