Sony Ericsson ST18i hard reset

Sony Ericsson ST18i hard reset

As you know, Sony Ericsson was one of the most popular manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones. Despite the fact that Sony Ericsson no longer exists, many users still use the company’s products.

Nothing is perfect, especially devices that were released a few years ago. Today we look at Sony Ericsson ST18i hard reset.

WHAT IS NEEDED for Sony Ericsson ST18i hard reset

  1. Smartphone Sony Ericsson ST18i;
  2. PC.

INSTRUCTIONS for Sony Ericsson ST18i hard reset

From time to time smartphone may not work as we would like: slow, various errors and other. In such cases you need to make a Sony Ericsson ST18i hard reset that removes all installed software and data stored on your phone. Openly speaking, it is the process that returns phone to the factory settings.

  1. The first method will suit you if your phone is in working condition, in other words, you can go to the Settings menu and the phone responds to the buttons you pressed.

Go to the main menu, then find out “Settings” tab. Then we are interested in “SD card and phone memory” and option “Factory data reset“. Within a couple of minutes Sony Ericsson ST18i hard reset process deletes all your personal data and return factory settings.

  1. The next opportunity to perform Sony Ericsson ST18i hard reset will require you to have a PC with installed software PC Suite, which you can download from the official site of the manufacturer.

Run the program on your PC and select the item “Tools”. You will see a menu where you need to use the tab “Backup and restore”, and click on “Restore phone“. After pressing, the software package will give you a window, which clearly describe the sequence of actions to perform Sony Ericsson ST18i hard reset.Sony Ericsson ST18i hard reset


Before you make Sony Ericsson ST18i hard reset, it is desirable to extract the memory card from smartphone.

Should pay attention

Previously, it is recommended to make a backup copy. It will protect you against accidental loss of important information.

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