Smartphone sales exceeded sales of handsets

The agency Gartner, engaged in the mobile market analytics, has published the final data on sales of smart phones in the second quarter of 2013. It is noted that this quarter was the turning point – the first time in the history of the smartphone sales exceeded sales of regular phones without an operating system. 

It is interesting to note that the analysts of IDC “turning point” still considered the first quarter of 2013. Then, vendors shipped a total of 216.2 million smartphones, representing 51.6% of total handset shipments (418.6 million).

However, Gartner reports that smartphone sales in the second quarter was 51.8% of the total number of devices sold. That is, turning – namely the second quarter. During this period, was sold 435 million handsets, of which 225 million were smartphones.

Here, you need to understand that these companies think differently. IDC said shipments of manufacturers and Gartner – namely sales to end customers. The second calculation, I think, be called more accurate.

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