ASUS will release its first Chromebooks at the end of 2013

ASUS plans to enter the Chromebooks in the IV quarter of 2013. The company is looking for ways to increase sales of laptops, which at the moment are on the decline. Given the possible integration of Android and Chrome OS in 2014, ASUS has decided to start production of Chromebooks in 2013 to strengthen its partnership with Google, whose products have become a real alternative to Windows.
ASUS Chromebook
The poor sales performance in the traditionally high season «back-to-school» manual ASUS forced to revise their forecasts for the supply of laptops. As a result, the company decided to reduce shipments of devices with 22-24 million to 17-19 million and to look for new sales channels.

In addition, ASUS plans to launch laptops without touch panels, and budgetary decisions. As part of this strategy, the company has already released an entry-level laptop with a touch screen in a series of Vivobook. And on September 15, along with Microsoft and Intel ASUS will show their new products to provide sales for the IV quarter of the year.

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