“Smart” bracelet Oregon Scientific PE128 officially presented

Oregon Scientific has officially unveiled a “smart” bracelet Oregon Scientific PE128, which the company says is designed for people who want to always be aware of their physical condition.

The device is able to measure and analyze the level of daily activity, calculate the number of calories burned, steps you’ve walked and the distance covered, as well as to evaluate the quality of sleep. New interacts with smartphones running iOS and Android with special applications that can later be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Exchange of information between smartphone and “smart” bracelet Oregon Scientific PE128 done wirelessly Bluetooth 4.0.

In terms of battery manufacturer promises up to two weeks of operation. At the same time charging the battery takes less than an hour.

Placed on the body of the bracelet is just one button, allows you to control its functions and to display information about the current activity level LED-indicator is provided with five different colors. The device is able to synchronize with any smartphones that are based on the iOS version 5 and above, as well as Android version 4.3 and higher.

Includes waterproof strap made of soft silicone black. For a fee discount straps blue and orange.

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