Surf Snowdonia - artificial lagoon surf

Surf Snowdonia – artificial lagoon surf

It is not necessary to go to the ocean or sea to ride a surfboard. Anyway, those living in the United Kingdom. It is reported that in North Wales started a unique project.

Feature of artificial lagoon surf

The object is called Surf Snowdonia is artificial lagoon surf. This artificial lagoon for fans of the relevant activities. In it are the longest “man-made” waves on the planet – up to 150 m.

The size of the park – 300 to 120 meters. Approximately 6 football fields.

Surf Snowdonia - artificial lagoon surf

The minimum height of the wave lagoon surf is equal to 0.7 m and the maximum – 2 m (depending on the requirements of the visitors). Generation occurs once per minute. During said meeting special underwater setting.

The complex is controlled by a computer.

At the same time can use the Surf Snowdonia 36 surfers. Interestingly, the park built on the site of a former aluminum factory. Water is taken from the nearby mountain springs.

Surf Snowdonia - artificial lagoon surf

Construction took 13 months. The opening took place on the 1st of August. It is expected that the center will operate year-round. The climate is quite mild.

Source: gizmag

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