Compiled interactive map of major hacking attacks on the Internet

As a result of large-scale leaks of confidential data was stolen or made public, millions of accounts, passwords, and email addresses of Internet users. Company Information is Beautiful decided to combine all the biggest leak in one illustration.

In total, the report presents about 30,000 hacker attacks, each of which is associated with the size and type of the lost information. The starting time stamp is taken in 2004. In the report includes such companies as Yahoo, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, AOL, Sony, and many others. The publication included in the infographic even the recent failure of the portal developers Apple.

Each leakage reflects some additional information, access to which can be obtained by clicking on the corresponding area on an interactive map.

By the way, recently, McAfee, operating in the field of information security, has estimated the damage caused by cyber attacks globally. According to the collected statistics, break-ins, theft of information, DDoS and other attacks have caused damage to the global economy of $ 1 trillion.

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