Samsung PM1633a - new SSD volume of 15.36 TB

Samsung PM1633a – new SSD volume of 15.36 TB

The regiment arrived surprisingly capacious SSD.

South Korea’s Samsung introduced the 2.5-inch model new SSD PM1633a. The volume of the solution is 15.36 TB.

Feature of new SSD

Indicator spectacular, just a record. However, the drive is hardly subtle. It is twice as thick as conventional counterparts.

Another “but”: a device created for the needs of large companies. Ordinary users will not do it. In the first place – and costs.

Samsung PM1633a - new SSD volume of 15.36 TB

According to the source, the value of the astronomical – about 8000 US dollars. However, the information is not official.

At the heart of the new SSD PM1633a – a new type of flash memory with a density of 256 Gb. We are talking about 3D V-NAND.

Technology has created a demo server to 768 TB. The system consists of 48 unique new SSD (total capacity of 2 000 000 IOPS).

Source: arstechnica

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