Samsung has launched an advertising campaign hours Galaxy Gear

The South Korean company Samsung has always been an unusual approach to advertising their products. Recently presented “smart” clock Galaxy Gear Samsung has decided to promote the market as a device which has been described in science fiction many years ago, but only now has become real.

On the official YouTube-channel Samsung has posted two videos at once devoted to exit Galaxy Gear.

In the first video, called “Evolution” shows several prototypes of “smart” watches from a number of fantastic shows. In the last seconds, as you might guess at first appears Galaxy Gear and the following text: “After so many years, it’s finally real.”

The second video, entitled “The long-awaited event,” combines several scenes cut out of the old science fiction films, the main characters are able to manage a clock with voice commands.

Both spots can remember a time when “smart” watches were the result of enacted imagination of dreamers and visionaries and Galaxy Gear presented as a device that combines the described their wishes and dreams.

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