Live photos and features smartwatch Samsung Galaxy Gear

After a couple of days, Samsung will officially unveil its first in Berlin smartchasy Galaxy Gear , but details about them, as well as a few shots hit the net a little bit earlier efforts Christina Farr (Christina Farr) from VentureBeat . Photos she had got out of promo video for internal use, which showed her an anonymous source.

The device has a rather large frames, rectangular shape and a bright OLED-display. For the female wrist is too big, and not for any man’s suit. Communication is carried out with a smartphone via Bluetooth, but, in fact, are smartchasy alone device with a built-in strap 4-megapixel camera module, Wi-Fi, support for voice input S Voice, and a set of applications, including photo gallery, E-mail clients and social networks to publish content directly from the wrist device. In addition, through the Galaxy Gear, you can view the history of calls and to initiate any of them again. The power button is on the side of, and access to applications using a simple gesture.

Accessory is positioned as a versatile gadget. For sports and medical applications it has a heart rate monitor, pedometer and a number of other sensors. You may want to watch your diet, taking pictures and getting the food consumed in semi-automatic mode data on calories. It was an assistant in training, and it is possible to implement support for different activity due to special applications. And, of course, this device is a companion for your smartphone.

In theory, everything’s cool, but how it will be in practice, it will become clear only after the release of the gadget. Nothing is known about his physical safety and water resistance, as an accessory reacts to the copious amounts of sweat that accompanies any active exercise, enough is 10:00 margin of autonomy for comfortable use of the device? Well, have long to wait for the announcement.

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Look a video from russian roads:

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