Hard reset Galaxy S4: settings menu and recovery mode

Hard reset Galaxy S4: settings menu and recovery mode

You have a few options to perform hard reset Galaxy S4. You can choose between soft reset which can be done via settings menu, and hard reset that can be done using a combination of hardware buttons and recovery menu. The last option will give you more features for removal of certain data, information, cache and partitions.

Before you are going to perform hard reset Galaxy S4, you just need to backup your system, apps and data that you might need anytime.

Hard reset Galaxy S4 using settings menu

It is fast and simple way to perform hard reset. It will erase all data on your device, but will not affect the data on SIM or SD cards.

Hard reset Galaxy S4: settings menu and recovery mode

Go to menu “Settings“, then click on “Backup and reset” and tap on “Factory Data Reset“. After that your smartphone will reboot and remove all data. You can achieve the same result if you type in the dialer following code:  *2767*3855#.

Hard reset Galaxy S4 using recovery mode

This way to perform hard reset device is mostly identical to the previous, but you use a combination of hardware keys. Also you have additional options for manual removal of memory partitions.

We will consider an example of performing hard reset Galaxy S4 in standard recovery mode.

  1. First, you need to enter recovery mode. Turn off your smartphone and press the combination of hardware buttons: “Volume UP”, “Home” and “Power”. Hold buttons until the device vibrates or you see the screen that says Galaxy.
  2. Next, release the “Power” button, and two other buttons continue to hold. After a while you will see the recovery mode screen (now those two buttons can be released).
  3. Using the volume keys, scroll down to select “Wipe data/Factory Reset” and confirm the selection by pressing “Power” button.Hard reset Galaxy S4: settings menu and recovery mode
  4. Once again select “Delete all user data” and press “Power” button to confirm the selection.
  5. Now you can reboot your smartphone.

If you have any problems with the software of your smartphone, or you want to quickly remove all data from internal memory, use hard reset Galaxy S4.

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