Samsung Galaxy S5 with metal increasingly likely

He talks for some time now, the first alleged images of the internal metal frame of the next Samsung Galaxy S5 have been around the world and today we go back to talking about it, getting closer and closer the information to a possible official confirmation. According to a new report from some Korean media, Catcher (the Taiwanese company hired by Samsung to produce the metal casings) says it is ready to commence the provision originally scheduled from 10 million to 30 million units, as of this month.

Another Chinese company instead (BYD) will cover the remainder of the request in case the demand exceeds expectations, not to be left behind with the production and be able to secure enough components. It would therefore seem confirmed, at least as regards the inner casing, the use of the metal in the next Galaxy S5, but considering the love for Samsung in the plastic not be surprised if we still use the polycarbonate part of the outer casing, even only to allow replacement battery and memory expansion that will hopefully remain.

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