Samsung Galaxy Note III goes on sale in September, and the Galaxy Gear – in October

Not least because that Samsung has already announced it officially, everyone should know that the South Korean company is going to spend 4 in Berlin on September presentation, which should be submitted two new gadget – smartped Samsung Galaxy Note III and smart watches Samsung Galaxy Gear. Now we again have to think about these devices (although they are probably no one forgot) – Resource Sam Mobile, which pleases us regularly for leaks Samsung, said some of the information about the devices, which concerns mainly the time of their release on the market.

According to the study, Galaxy Note III should go on sale September 2-8. Given the fact that the presentation is scheduled for September 4, if the information is correct, smartped may appear on store shelves in the next few days after the conference. As for the Galaxy Gear, you’ll have to wait hours clever – they will be only four weeks later, on September 30 – October 6. The exact dates are not yet known, but is known and future policy sales of smart hours. If the Galaxy Note III is guaranteed to come out in dozens of countries around the world, it is not clear whether the same is true for the Galaxy Gear.

Before we proceed to the second part of the news, remember that for the most abused Samsung Galaxy S IV? Of course, with the amount of internal memory – the base model with 16 GB of flash memory for file storage was available for only half of that was the main claim of users. According to Sam Mobile, Samsung has decided not to step on the same rake twice and solved the problem radically: Galaxy Note III does not appear in the version with 16 GB of internal memory, and in the basic version will be soon 32 GB of flash memory. Will Samsung the first manufacturer to give up 16 GB of internal memory, will know in a couple of weeks – tell the truth we can not wait to see the new gadgets company.

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