Samsung began producing chips LPDDR3 memory capacity of 3 GB for mobile devices

Samsung has announced the start of mass production of memory chips LPDDR3 (low power double data rate 3) DRAM capacity of 3 GB for mobile devices. These memory chips are designed for next-generation smartphones.

In the memory chip for mobile devices LPDDR3 DRAM capacity of 3 GB are six smallest in the industry 4-gigabit chips LPDDR3, produced by 20-nanometer technology class. They are made into a symmetrical structure of two groups of three chips each. The module has a thickness of only 0.8 mm, which would create a thin smartphones. This novelty provides data rates up to 2133 Mb / s per pin.

Chips mobile LPDDR3 DRAM memory capacity of 3 GB will be used in the most advanced smart phones, starting from the second half of 2013. Since 2014, they will be applied in a broader list of mobile devices.

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