First look at Windows-tablet Lenovo Miix 3-1030

First look at Windows-tablet Lenovo Miix 3-1030

First look at Windows-tablet Lenovo Miix 3-1030

The appearance of the tablet does not resemble its predecessor Miix 2. The novelty decided to get rid of the old mechanism mounting dock and tablet. But let’s look at everything in a strand.

Tablet itself, without the docking station looks clumsy. The front side is covered with a protective glass, under which in addition to the display with a diagonal of 10 inches and a resolution of Full HD lens is the front 2-megapixel camera and sensors automatically adjust the brightness.

On the side of the body are multimedia speaker, a slot for memory cards microSD, connector microHDMI, micro-USB and 3.5 mm audio jack on the left, and the key and volume control – right. Bottom connector dock.

Dock itself is designed as a cover with keyboard. A keyboard and a tablet are well connected. All tightly and securely. Cover dock made of rubberized material that helps him not to slip, is on the table.

To fix the cover plate is used flip-top cover of the docking station. Yes, this type of stand is not the most comfortable, but if you work on a table, the tilt lock lid sufficiently reliable. Unfortunately, the docking station is not equipped with the optional battery pack, but its thickness is minimal.

First look at Windows-tablet Lenovo Miix 3-1030

The keypad is very high quality. Keys are pressed clearly and have a small move, but the touchpad, for such a device, generally large and responsive. It is convenient to work as it supports multi-touch.

Also worth noting is that the CapsLock key with integrated turn indicator. But what is missing, it’s a full-sized USB port. Of course, this is not the most important thing in the plate, but his presence would be very helpful.

Hardware Platform

Lenovo Miix 3-1030 running the operating system Windows 8.1 Pro 32bit. As the processor acts as an energy-efficient Intel Atom Z3735F with a clock speed of 1.33 GHz, and the role of video card – Intel HD Graphics. If you dig in the specifications, we can see that the processor is part of the platform Bay Trail-T and executed on 22 nm process technology. RAM is 2GB, which is the maximum possible for the processor. The capacity of the built-in flash drive is 64 GB expandable through the use of memory cards microSD. Built-in battery 25 Wh.

First look at Windows-tablet Lenovo Miix 3-1030

It would seem that for the full Windows 8.1 Pro features are not the best, but all the same office applications work without problems. And the speed of the interface of the tablet does not extradite its own parameters – all smoothly and quickly. Even heavy internet pages load fast.


As mentioned above, the tablet features a 10 inch IPS screen with a resolution of Full HD (1920 × 1200), automatic brightness control and oleophobic coating. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to make the necessary measurements of the screen.

First look at Windows-tablet Lenovo Miix 3-1030

Therefore only a subjective impression share. Viewing angles are close to the maximum, and the quality of the picture is no criticisms.


First look at Windows-tablet Lenovo Miix 3-1030

If we compare the tablet to its predecessor, the eye catches the absence of two full slots USB, which significantly limit the conditions of use of the device. But the mounting plate and the dock reliable, thanks to the same rubberized cover of the device is very pleasant to the touch. Unfortunately, the timing of the appearance of the tablet in the Ukraine and the price is not yet known, but there is speculation that it will be cheaper than its predecessor.

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