Razer has released a revised Naga MMO mouse with mechanical switches


First released in 2009 Razer Naga MMO mouse is still one of the best manipulators for online role-playing game, which was another proof of the update of the model. Externally accessory of the year of manufacture is not much different from its predecessor, but there are functional changes. For example, in the key innovations built mechanical switches that provide a clear response in the active game. By the way, just in Naga MMO 19 programmable buttons, 12 of which are located on the side of the face. It was they who got the “mechanics”.

In addition, the redesigned scroll wheel – it has the opportunity to tilt to the side. Slightly improved grip mouse due to altered body materials and the optimization of its shape. In addition to the standard model for right-handers, Razer offers both analog for left-handers .

In manipulator mounted laser sensor 4G (as it is called by Razer) with a resolution of 8200 dpi, and the mouse polling rate of 1000 Hz. Also note the green LED lights, legs Zero-acoustic Ultraslick and support to accelerate to 50G. Dimensions of the mouse – 119h75h43 mm, weight – 135 g Its cost to the U.S. – $ 80 (approximately 660 USD), which in Europe will turn to 80 € (870 USD).

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